15 November 2012

Guam Public Policy Institute coordinates leadership training

"To Educate. To Inspire. To Act."

The Public Policy Institute is a highly selective student internship program established by Speaker of the Guam Legislature Dr. Judith T. Won Pat. The program provides interns exposure to a vast network of distinguished leaders as well as to an array of professional and training opportunities for them to gain leadership, research, and work place skills and experiences.

Speaker of the Guam Legislature
Judith T. Won Pat
The Institute is a unique and rigorous program where interns have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the island's legislative process by participating in a variety of activities from bill research and writing, organizing and conducting public policy briefings, paging, and by providing executive-level staffing.

Interns also meet with distinguished leaders from a range of professional backgrounds and take fieldtrips to other branches of government in order gain a broader understanding of the separate but equal branches of of our democracy.

 Public Policy Institute Conducts Leadership Circles

The Leadership Circles (LCs) are a series of visits to each of the respective high schools designed to stimulate dialogue and foster a greater understanding, knowledge and appreciation of issues associated with social justice, decolonization diplomacy and political self-determination. LCs were recently facilitated by Dr. Carlyle Corbin, a United Nations recognized expert on self-determination and governance for over two decades. The LCs were conducted in a small group setting of students, teachers and community leaders.

The Public Policy Institute was instrumental in the coordination of the 2012 Global Forum which brought together students who assumed the role of diplomats from selected countries from specific regions of the world to debate an international issue of particular concern to economic, political and social development. The format is modeled after sessions of the United Nations General Assembly. Below are pictures of some of the action of the 2012 Global Forum.

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