19 April 2012

Martinique's Contribution to the National Basketball Association

Miami Heat center Ronny Turiaf, a native of the Caribbean, enjoying his new life in South Florida

By Ethan J. Skolnick 

Palm Beach Post 

It is always the same, and never an argument.

"We have a routine," Ronny Turiaf says. "Every time I come home to Martinique, my dad already knows, we're not going anywhere until I go back where I grew up."
Georges Louis knows he might need to wait for hours while his oldest child pays respects to friends and mentors he left half a life ago.

Heat center Ronny Turiaf (21), shown in a recent game, says, 'Basketball, this is not what defines me.'

"There's no such thing as a celebrity, because they knew me before I was the Ronny Turiaf that you know," says Turiaf, the Heat's new center. 
"You don't know the real Ronny Turiaf. They do. So whenever I go back home, I allow myself to be the Ronny that I truly am, with no boundaries, no walls, the one walking around barefooted and not worrying about being photographed, not worried about being bothered.
"Because those guys know what I am, and who I am. It's just pure joy whenever I go home, because I can be home."
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